A debater. A freethinker. A classical music lover.A lawyer-in-the-making.

A DEBATER.Though I sometimes withhold my thoughts on issues, it’s not because I’m scared of being wrong but because I just want to think about what to say next in order to avoid offending others. I revere discourse, it’s what makes the world a better place.I am one of those few who believe that discourse should be a mean and not an end.

A CLASSICAL MUSIC LOVER. I enjoy the harmony, the eargasm that the golden times bring me. It’s just irresistibly pleasant.

A LAWYER IN THE MAKING. I do not believe in working outside the system, what I believe in is working around the system. The creation of laws is one of the most significant milestones mankind has ever achieved. It has protected the common good, it has given voice to those who didn’t have voice, it has prevented the society to turn into a fully bifurcated, bigoted and biased place.

I am currently with someone who loves me more than I can ever love myself and I will be forever grateful that he came into my life.


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